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Pure Morning


bona fide hustla making my name

i'm Russian, i like to do things that sound like a bad idea. i'm a barmaid and a university dropout but i'm going back for more this Septmember, to a different place but still in London because London is the love of my life. i'm going to do Marketing and graduate in the top 1% and look down on you from my management position in haute couture.

on the other hand, i love tattoos and piercings and boys who play bass and boys who breakdance. i have more guy mates than girl mates because girls that are stupid annoy me. i like chainsmoking and knowing that even though i can reduce a grown man to tears in the space of two minutes, one of my favourite novels is Gone With The Wind. i also love To Kill a Mockingbird. i'm trying to write my own book.


my hometown ♥


i like to daydream

and abandoned buildings

i'd like to be a devout Catholic because it all sounds very dramatic. i want to be a Buddhist. i'm a sucker for peer pressure but i've managed to carve my own definitions of what's cool and what's not so i think i'm alright. marijuana is not cool!! i'm in love with Black Books. i used to ride a bike a lot when i was younger so i have nice legs. i like my boys masculine. i think England is quite quaint and London is metropolitan so i want to live there.

i'm just a misanthrope really. come be miserable with me.